We measure reality

With the Signum, Cycledata provides you with high-quality actual data of vehicles on cycle paths. We do this with an accuracy of more than 95%, even during peak hours and without any application of algorithms. You gain insight into how many vehicles are travelling on the cycle path in which direction, at what speed and at what time.


Tour de Force government initiative 26 October 2020 Local governments, interest groups and companies will use this project to look at how they can make cycling more attractive, especially in and around cities. They will also work together to find smart solutions to the associated problems.
The E-bike has a major influence on the bicycle industry 26 October 2020 Sales of E-bikes are rising sharply. Not only to people over 65, but also to younger people. Longer distances can be covered with the E-bike, and the E-bike therefore offers opportunities to get more people on bikes.
More employees on bikes 26 October 2020 The government wants to promote cycling, in particular to improve accessibility - and because of the climate benefits. Individual employees understand this, but to them, personal benefits such as health, lower costs and predictable travel times are more important. The government and employees have the same goal, but their arguments differ in the detail. A question of better communication - or is more than that needed?
Need for short-term bicycle parking 26 October 2020 With the Signum, short bicycle counts can be made simply and relatively inexpensively with high accuracy. 24/7, the system counts the number of vehicles on a cycle path with an accuracy of more than 95%.
The bicycle as a safe alternative to public transport even after the crisis 26 October 2020 Cities all over the world have been trying for years to motivate their inhabitants to cycle more often. To their own surprise, they are now unexpectedly reaching their goal during the Corona crisis: the bicycle is much safer for health than public transportation.
Cycledata framework contractor NDW for purchasing bicycle and pedestrian data 26 October 2020 Cycledata has entered into the framework agreement on bicycle and pedestrian data of the NDW (Dutch National Road Traffic Data Database).